Saturday, 16 April 2011

Travelling to France can be loads of fun and entertainment as the country is full of interesting tourist destinations to explore. You can further add to the fun part if you are carrying all the utility items and a complete travel kit including a France SIM Card. A country specific SIM card especially meant for usage in France is perfect for those wanting to cut the cost of international roaming and enjoy low cost International Calls.

I am very fond of travelling and like to travel to different parts of the world for exploring the unknown terrains of foreign land. Last month, I planned a trip to France with my family for our summer vacations. Everyone in my family was equally excited about the tour as we had not visited France before. While purchasing things for my travel kit, I bought a France SIM Card from Clay Telecom, one of the leading international telecom service providers. The company not just offered me an economical deal but it also enabled me with the most appropriate travel card that enabled me to stay in touch with my friends and associates back home. The country specific SIM card from Clay enabled me to save up to 85% of the roaming charges spent on making calls through a local phone. Another advantage was that I had already paid for the connection charges in my own currency. Therefore, I could save the Forex or Foreign currency for doing other things like shopping and so on. In addition to that it enabled me to utilize low cost International Calls that further lowered my international telephone bills. I could actually make local calls to France numbers at local call rates only, there were no international roaming or ISD number charges included in any of my local calls. I could easily call or text any of the France numbers without bothering about the call charges. Moreover this country specific card from Clay helped me to save a lot of money over the entire period of stay.

Besides saving money, I was able to distribute my New France number to all my friends and business associated before leaving the country so that I could be contacted for urgent situations. It was a very convenient solution for international mobile telephony that helped me to stay connected at all times. I got a good coverage in every part of the country I went. Even in the remote areas like camping and jungle safaris, my France SIM Card didn't trouble me at all. I enjoyed travelling around in each and every part of France as the country is so beautiful offering numerous attractions and spell bound sites for the tourists. Finally, after coming back from there, I can say that I could make the maximum of my France tour and explore new areas of the beautiful country because of the convenient services of country specific SIM cards from Clay.