Saturday, 3 March 2012

I had been using Matrix Cellular during my international trips, before I switched to Clay's Data SIM Card. I faced a lot of network related problems with Matrix Cellular but ever since I chose World SIM Card offered by Clay, I m extremely happy with it. Along with the good reception, it also gives me fast speed 3G internet connection across the globe. These days, internet has become a necessity and I was unable to access internet so conveniently until I started using the World SIM Card from Clay Telecom. With the duo benefit of internet connection as well as affordable international call rates with Clay's Data SIM Card, I can say that it is way better than Matrix Cellular.

The Data SIM Card of Clay has benefitted me in many ways. I can connect it to multiple devices such as my smartphone, laptop, and computer. Without paying anything extra, it allows me to have group connectivity with colleagues. I don't even need to change my number for travelling across different countries. The World SIM Card from Clay allows me to carry one single number to all the places I go. The Data SIM Card offered by Clay has made it much easier for me to carry out my business work with its first-class services.