Friday, 5 July 2013

Travelling has become an important part of our working profile. The new business partnerships also often demands long distance travelling to foreign locations. In such a competitive business environment, you can't let jet lag slow you down. You should be ready for anything irrespective of the country of your travel.

By carrying your BlackBerry along, you can use multiple applications to manage your work; lessen your fatigue; chat with peer groups; access e-mails and stay ready to accept new business tasks.

However, when you travel abroad, you can't use your local number as it incurs huge international roaming. Hence, you can take Global BlackBerry Solutions wherein local number of destination country would allow you to browse internet and download data, make calls, access e-mails and chat on messenger during your international trip.

The global BlackBerry solutions are categorized into different plans to meet the needs of the customers. The travellers can take global e-mail services to have unlimited access to e-mails, messenger and data browsing & downloading at a cost-effective price. In addition, there are voice plans available that allows you to make and receive calls at a cost-effective price. 
At Clay Telecom, there are customized BlackBerry plans that are designed after detailed research of different travel groups. If you are planning for an overseas trip, you can also discuss your requirements with telecom experts to get a custom-made solution for your travel needs.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

While you are rushing for the immigration, you saw a counter offering an international SIM card. The person at the counter suggests you an alluring offer for the country you are travelling. He also shares information about the SIM, how to use it and when to return it back. Sounds interesting, isn't? But... 

Do you think it's a right solution for you?

Only buying an international SIM card for the country of your travel may not provide you all the benefits. Hence, it is important to consult with telecom experts who can suggest and customize a plan that fits your needs and pocket.

Here comes the role of Clay Telecom. It is a well-known telecom management consultant who not only customizes the plan but also educates the traveller before their travel dates. They also provide assistance by resolving any issue that arise during your stay in abroad. Depending on the country of your travel, they will educate you by sending e-mails about handset/SIM compatibility, dialling instructions, value-add services, calling codes to reduce call rates and so on.

In addition, they will also highlight the silent expenses that are incurred on the SIM. The silent expenses are indicated to data expenses that are incurred due to auto synchronisation and auto updates of third-party applications. 

At Clay, the core value is to customize the plan after getting inputs from the traveller. Once the telecom solution is customized as per your requirements, you would be able to make the most out of the service at a price you can afford. 

Do remember that a hasty decision may not always prove to be a right decision for your international trip. So, you can patiently compare all the options available and select the one that suits you the best.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Keeping in view the individual requirements of the traveller, Clay Telecom has always been able to launch products/plans first in the Airtime Reseller Industry. With its recently launched new USA prepaid SIM card, it has become a talking point among globetrotters. International SIM Card for the USA is a first unlimited plan introduced for Indian travellers going to the USA. 

Let's talk about the major highlights of the plan:
  • Recharge it to add talktime to the SIM card
  • Use online or offline mode to recharge your card
  • Receive free local and international incoming calls
  • Make unlimited local outgoing calls and SMS
  • The validity and minutes vary in each USA plan

Recharge the card before expiry date to extend the validity and also to carry forward the balance With 'Unlimited Advantages', USA travellers can now stay connected with people in India without burdening their pocket. In addition, they can choose the plan as per their individual requirements to make sure that they don't return back to India with unused talktime

If you are planning your trip to the USA, you can contact at our call centre 011-66470000 or write it to us at We would be happy to answer all your queries with a friendly smile!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The main aim of every industry player is to satisfy their customers as per their interests, spending limits and age-groups. We also were on the same platform until we planned to customize our solutions. Our focus from our initial years has been very simple and strategic in nature.

While designing an international SIM Card solution, we have one focus in mind to serve the customers well. In our research, we identified that the requirements of business, leisure and student travellers are different. Hence, we have shared the best plans with our customers to make their international telecom communication cost-effective.

Clay Telecom has the most cost-effective tariff plans available for 200 locations that can meet the individual needs. With our custom-made telecom solution, the traveller would ensure 100% connectivity during their international trip.

While you are planning to travel abroad, you can share your requirements with our telecom experts who will customize a solution as per your travel needs and budget. Our service is not only limited while you are in India, but also extends to foreign destinations to provide the best customer support service. We will resolve your queries within a set turnaround time without any hassle.

Clay Telecom is happy to bring customization in the process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction while they are away from their home country. We also wish to thank our growing customer base and promise to launch new products/plans to serve them better.

If you are interested in custom-made voice and data packs, you can also send in your query at

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Make your summers enjoyable with Clay Telecom's exclusive offer of Free Travel Insurance with postpaid connection.

To help in beating the heat, Clay Telecom has introduced special summer plans for most travelled destinations to make international telecom connectivity cost-effective. The destinations include Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, UK and USA.

It is a combo offer where travellers will enjoy the benefit of two most important travel requirements at the price of one. On the one hand, the customers will get relief from international roaming bills and on the other hand, they will receive free travel insurance from renowned insurance company.

The motive is to make international calling more cost-effective for international travellers. Hence, our telecom package is absolutely designed to meet maximum travellers' requirements. The travellers can also get country-specific prepaid SIM cards for the USA, the UK and Thailand.

As our focus is on offering the best customer service, we have also planned to hire aggressively across Pan India to ensure strong back-up service for the customers travelling across the world. With our telecom packages, the globetrotters can travel across the world with a feeling of being at a local destination. What better an offer it could be! Interested people can contact Clay Telecom to avail this offer at 011-66470000.

Friday, 17 May 2013

From using smoke signals to sending postcards or making a single minute calls, the telecommunication industry has witnessed advancements to make long-distance communication better. The modernization can be felt in innumerable ways – starting from replacing a telephone to a Smartphone or LAN internet connection to Wi-Fi – to make communication possible while on-the-go. All the efforts were backed by advanced technology that enabled people to travel across the world, communicate more effectively and conduct business dealings efficiently.

To celebrate the achievement, the International Telecommunication Union introduced World Telecommunication Day to be celebrated on 17th May every year. The aim is to improve awareness of the possible use of the Internet and other ICTs to enhance social-economical development.

With its revolutionary ideas, Clay Telecom introduced international mobility solutions to help travellers stay connected with people back in India, while travelling abroad. They act as a telecom expense management expert to manage the telecommunication expenses of leisure, student and corporate verticals by recommending the best communication service.

To set apart from others, Clay provides the best alternate route to make international connectivity cost-effective. They have got a recognition in the industry to fulfil specific requirements of customers who are planning to travel anywhere around the world. Clay is also among those telecom players who have fulfilled corporate requirements by launching a revolutionary email service to help travellers access their emails while on the go. In addition to this, they have Mi-Fi products to allow travellers to use Wi-Fi in a group; secure online portal to provide 24X7 online support; direct calling facility to provide hassle-free calling experience and much more. By associating with 10 major networks, they have also achieved the status of MVNO to make connectivity quicker.

Clay Telecom is among those reliable companies that have truly succeeded in using technology to make their system transparent, robust and stable. On this World Telecom Day, the company has taken a pledge to provide the best customer care service by using the most-advanced technology. While keeping this in view, they have also planned to hire 300 employees across Pan India to ensure supreme customer support during their international trip.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Offering an alternative of global roaming SIM card, Clay Telecom is delighted to serve its clientele with cost-effective international mobility solutions. At Clay, the main focus is the fulfillment of customers' requirements that can make their international trip cost-effective and memorable. Hence, we have a strong back-up plan that allows our team to solve our customers' enquiries in the quickest possible time.

We believe in keeping our customers' requirements as our top priority so as to deliver satisfactory services. We have dedicated customer support team that handles queries related to billing, delivery, inventory return etc.

Our range of services includes Prepaid and Postpaid SIM cards, 3G data cards, Mi-Fi products and Global email services. The travelers can take international SIM cards from India before traveling to their destination and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity during their travel abroad.

Whether there is a need of calling or data downloading services, our telecom experts customize each plan carefully to ensure cost-effectiveness, irrespective of the destination. As our name suggests, Clay Telecom believes in molding their existing plans with your specific requirements so as to give value for money. Hence, the travelers can take a flight without worrying about their international communication expenses.

Our special plans catering to the priorities of students, corporate and leisure travelers will always keep our customers in a win-win situation. If you want to directly get in touch with our customer care executive, you can contact at +91-1166470000 or ask for the price plan of desired destination at

Monday, 22 April 2013

Our ignorance towards health can result into high body temperature, headaches, vomiting, running nose, watery eyes, body stiffness, and so on. Unfortunately, there are similar indications that are noticed in our planet Earth which is resulting into massive destruction in the form of floods, earthquakes, tsunami, and even hurricane. The situation is adverse across the world and needs immediate attention. The fortunate part is that our health issues can be controlled by taking a set antibiotic dose but sadly, the changing climatic conditions require constant and quick attention and support from everyone.

Even the climatic changes can be noticed by summer and winter temperatures that are setting its new records every year. On the one hand, the prolonged drought ravages the crops and on the other, floods make many people homeless. The change in climatic conditions is an indication that our Mother Earth is not as healthy as it should be.

We celebrate International Mother Earth Day on 22nd April since 1970 to show our support towards environmental protection. Every year, the United Nations take a new theme that needs immediate attention. This year, the theme is chosen to highlight the mounting impact of climatic change across the world.

Today is a day when we should take a break from our busy schedule and should really think of our actions and their impact on Earth. So, why not give the planet a gift.

To show our love and support to our planet Earth, let's all pledge to follow certain steps and incorporate them in our lives to have a greener Earth with us:
  • Recycle The Waste Paper
  • Don't Use Shower To Take Bath
  • Take The Print-Outs, When Needed
  • Pool The Car To Go To Office
  • Check The Car Pollution Level In Every 3 Months
  • Do Not Throw Garbage In Public Areas
  • Turn Off The Mobile Chargers, Laptop Chargers etc After Use
  • Switch Off The Lights, Fans, AC After Use
  • And, Most Importantly, Engage In Tree Plantations

It is in our hands to make our Mother Earth younger and greener and gift it to our future generations to live a life free from harmful effects of changing environment. You can also take an initiative by passing the tips/news on Earth Day with others to make them aware of the significance of being greener.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The sedentary lifestyle and carefree eating habits often puts you at a health risk. Even a pinch of salt which is added to pep up your food affects your health. Moreover, we don't realize the importance of annual health check-ups that can detect the possible health risks at an early stage. The result of this ignorance often leads you at a stage where you have to undergo treatment and spend on hefty bills.

The recent statistics say that every third person above the age of 18 years is suffering from high blood pressure. This issue is also brought into notice by World Health Organization (WHO) and hence, has selected Hypertension as the theme for the World's Health Day, which is celebrated on 7th April every year.

The rising rate of High Blood Pressure among young age groups is a cause that must be addressed on time. Have you recently arranged a visit for a health check-up? If you are shaking your head to say No, then you must get your BP checked to avoid heart-attacks, strokes, kidney problems and other serious illness. 

For those who have found out the problem, you can bring simple changes in your lifestyle to control your blood pressure such as:
  • Have a Balanced Diet
  • Reduce Intake Of Salt
  • Keep a Check of Body Weight
  • Avoid Consumption of Alcohol
  • Do Regular Physical Exercise
  • Avoid Use Of Tobacco
  • Increase your Intake of Water
  • Follow the Medication as Directed By The Doctor

These points are generic in nature. Hence, it is recommended to consult a doctor before following the above suggestions.

So, take an oath on this World's Health Day to give attention to your health while maintaining your personal and professional responsibilities.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

With the markets flooded with variety of mouth-watering gujias, special thandais, different kinds of gift stalls and decorations, the entire capital city can sense the mood of festivity. The much-awaited festival is back again. It's that time of the year when you can jump, dance and say it aloud "Holi Hai" to everyone.

Holi is a festival that adds color to your life. Even people forget their grievances and come together for a big celebration. Your plans must also be ready to play pranks and toss 'Gulal' on others. 

Holi is back this year with an agenda. We all must take a pledge to make holi a safer festival by playing with natural colors. Let's know how you can make Holi safe: 

  • Avoid Wasting Water
  • Apply Oil to Face and Hair Before Going Out To Play
  • Play with Organic or Natural Colors
  • Do not Drink "Bhaang" and Drive
  • Replace Hazardous Commercial Colors with Sandalwood Paste or Chandan
  • Avoid Throwing Balloons As It May Cause Harm To Some External Organs
  • Restrict Others To Use Oil Paints, Pastes And Watercolors
  • Wear Synthetic Garments As They Absorb Less Water

It's time we take our responsibility seriously and celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly manner. Join your friends and family celebration and make this festival a new beginning in your life. 

Are you ready for yet another fun-filled Holi celebration? Share your plans or pictures with us on Clay Facebook Page.