Tuesday, 26 March 2013

With the markets flooded with variety of mouth-watering gujias, special thandais, different kinds of gift stalls and decorations, the entire capital city can sense the mood of festivity. The much-awaited festival is back again. It's that time of the year when you can jump, dance and say it aloud "Holi Hai" to everyone.

Holi is a festival that adds color to your life. Even people forget their grievances and come together for a big celebration. Your plans must also be ready to play pranks and toss 'Gulal' on others. 

Holi is back this year with an agenda. We all must take a pledge to make holi a safer festival by playing with natural colors. Let's know how you can make Holi safe: 

  • Avoid Wasting Water
  • Apply Oil to Face and Hair Before Going Out To Play
  • Play with Organic or Natural Colors
  • Do not Drink "Bhaang" and Drive
  • Replace Hazardous Commercial Colors with Sandalwood Paste or Chandan
  • Avoid Throwing Balloons As It May Cause Harm To Some External Organs
  • Restrict Others To Use Oil Paints, Pastes And Watercolors
  • Wear Synthetic Garments As They Absorb Less Water

It's time we take our responsibility seriously and celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly manner. Join your friends and family celebration and make this festival a new beginning in your life. 

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