Monday, 22 April 2013

Our ignorance towards health can result into high body temperature, headaches, vomiting, running nose, watery eyes, body stiffness, and so on. Unfortunately, there are similar indications that are noticed in our planet Earth which is resulting into massive destruction in the form of floods, earthquakes, tsunami, and even hurricane. The situation is adverse across the world and needs immediate attention. The fortunate part is that our health issues can be controlled by taking a set antibiotic dose but sadly, the changing climatic conditions require constant and quick attention and support from everyone.

Even the climatic changes can be noticed by summer and winter temperatures that are setting its new records every year. On the one hand, the prolonged drought ravages the crops and on the other, floods make many people homeless. The change in climatic conditions is an indication that our Mother Earth is not as healthy as it should be.

We celebrate International Mother Earth Day on 22nd April since 1970 to show our support towards environmental protection. Every year, the United Nations take a new theme that needs immediate attention. This year, the theme is chosen to highlight the mounting impact of climatic change across the world.

Today is a day when we should take a break from our busy schedule and should really think of our actions and their impact on Earth. So, why not give the planet a gift.

To show our love and support to our planet Earth, let's all pledge to follow certain steps and incorporate them in our lives to have a greener Earth with us:
  • Recycle The Waste Paper
  • Don't Use Shower To Take Bath
  • Take The Print-Outs, When Needed
  • Pool The Car To Go To Office
  • Check The Car Pollution Level In Every 3 Months
  • Do Not Throw Garbage In Public Areas
  • Turn Off The Mobile Chargers, Laptop Chargers etc After Use
  • Switch Off The Lights, Fans, AC After Use
  • And, Most Importantly, Engage In Tree Plantations

It is in our hands to make our Mother Earth younger and greener and gift it to our future generations to live a life free from harmful effects of changing environment. You can also take an initiative by passing the tips/news on Earth Day with others to make them aware of the significance of being greener.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The sedentary lifestyle and carefree eating habits often puts you at a health risk. Even a pinch of salt which is added to pep up your food affects your health. Moreover, we don't realize the importance of annual health check-ups that can detect the possible health risks at an early stage. The result of this ignorance often leads you at a stage where you have to undergo treatment and spend on hefty bills.

The recent statistics say that every third person above the age of 18 years is suffering from high blood pressure. This issue is also brought into notice by World Health Organization (WHO) and hence, has selected Hypertension as the theme for the World's Health Day, which is celebrated on 7th April every year.

The rising rate of High Blood Pressure among young age groups is a cause that must be addressed on time. Have you recently arranged a visit for a health check-up? If you are shaking your head to say No, then you must get your BP checked to avoid heart-attacks, strokes, kidney problems and other serious illness. 

For those who have found out the problem, you can bring simple changes in your lifestyle to control your blood pressure such as:
  • Have a Balanced Diet
  • Reduce Intake Of Salt
  • Keep a Check of Body Weight
  • Avoid Consumption of Alcohol
  • Do Regular Physical Exercise
  • Avoid Use Of Tobacco
  • Increase your Intake of Water
  • Follow the Medication as Directed By The Doctor

These points are generic in nature. Hence, it is recommended to consult a doctor before following the above suggestions.

So, take an oath on this World's Health Day to give attention to your health while maintaining your personal and professional responsibilities.