Friday, 17 May 2013

From using smoke signals to sending postcards or making a single minute calls, the telecommunication industry has witnessed advancements to make long-distance communication better. The modernization can be felt in innumerable ways – starting from replacing a telephone to a Smartphone or LAN internet connection to Wi-Fi – to make communication possible while on-the-go. All the efforts were backed by advanced technology that enabled people to travel across the world, communicate more effectively and conduct business dealings efficiently.

To celebrate the achievement, the International Telecommunication Union introduced World Telecommunication Day to be celebrated on 17th May every year. The aim is to improve awareness of the possible use of the Internet and other ICTs to enhance social-economical development.

With its revolutionary ideas, Clay Telecom introduced international mobility solutions to help travellers stay connected with people back in India, while travelling abroad. They act as a telecom expense management expert to manage the telecommunication expenses of leisure, student and corporate verticals by recommending the best communication service.

To set apart from others, Clay provides the best alternate route to make international connectivity cost-effective. They have got a recognition in the industry to fulfil specific requirements of customers who are planning to travel anywhere around the world. Clay is also among those telecom players who have fulfilled corporate requirements by launching a revolutionary email service to help travellers access their emails while on the go. In addition to this, they have Mi-Fi products to allow travellers to use Wi-Fi in a group; secure online portal to provide 24X7 online support; direct calling facility to provide hassle-free calling experience and much more. By associating with 10 major networks, they have also achieved the status of MVNO to make connectivity quicker.

Clay Telecom is among those reliable companies that have truly succeeded in using technology to make their system transparent, robust and stable. On this World Telecom Day, the company has taken a pledge to provide the best customer care service by using the most-advanced technology. While keeping this in view, they have also planned to hire 300 employees across Pan India to ensure supreme customer support during their international trip.