Thursday, 27 June 2013

While you are rushing for the immigration, you saw a counter offering an international SIM card. The person at the counter suggests you an alluring offer for the country you are travelling. He also shares information about the SIM, how to use it and when to return it back. Sounds interesting, isn't? But... 

Do you think it's a right solution for you?

Only buying an international SIM card for the country of your travel may not provide you all the benefits. Hence, it is important to consult with telecom experts who can suggest and customize a plan that fits your needs and pocket.

Here comes the role of Clay Telecom. It is a well-known telecom management consultant who not only customizes the plan but also educates the traveller before their travel dates. They also provide assistance by resolving any issue that arise during your stay in abroad. Depending on the country of your travel, they will educate you by sending e-mails about handset/SIM compatibility, dialling instructions, value-add services, calling codes to reduce call rates and so on.

In addition, they will also highlight the silent expenses that are incurred on the SIM. The silent expenses are indicated to data expenses that are incurred due to auto synchronisation and auto updates of third-party applications. 

At Clay, the core value is to customize the plan after getting inputs from the traveller. Once the telecom solution is customized as per your requirements, you would be able to make the most out of the service at a price you can afford. 

Do remember that a hasty decision may not always prove to be a right decision for your international trip. So, you can patiently compare all the options available and select the one that suits you the best.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Keeping in view the individual requirements of the traveller, Clay Telecom has always been able to launch products/plans first in the Airtime Reseller Industry. With its recently launched new USA prepaid SIM card, it has become a talking point among globetrotters. International SIM Card for the USA is a first unlimited plan introduced for Indian travellers going to the USA. 

Let's talk about the major highlights of the plan:
  • Recharge it to add talktime to the SIM card
  • Use online or offline mode to recharge your card
  • Receive free local and international incoming calls
  • Make unlimited local outgoing calls and SMS
  • The validity and minutes vary in each USA plan

Recharge the card before expiry date to extend the validity and also to carry forward the balance With 'Unlimited Advantages', USA travellers can now stay connected with people in India without burdening their pocket. In addition, they can choose the plan as per their individual requirements to make sure that they don't return back to India with unused talktime

If you are planning your trip to the USA, you can contact at our call centre 011-66470000 or write it to us at We would be happy to answer all your queries with a friendly smile!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The main aim of every industry player is to satisfy their customers as per their interests, spending limits and age-groups. We also were on the same platform until we planned to customize our solutions. Our focus from our initial years has been very simple and strategic in nature.

While designing an international SIM Card solution, we have one focus in mind to serve the customers well. In our research, we identified that the requirements of business, leisure and student travellers are different. Hence, we have shared the best plans with our customers to make their international telecom communication cost-effective.

Clay Telecom has the most cost-effective tariff plans available for 200 locations that can meet the individual needs. With our custom-made telecom solution, the traveller would ensure 100% connectivity during their international trip.

While you are planning to travel abroad, you can share your requirements with our telecom experts who will customize a solution as per your travel needs and budget. Our service is not only limited while you are in India, but also extends to foreign destinations to provide the best customer support service. We will resolve your queries within a set turnaround time without any hassle.

Clay Telecom is happy to bring customization in the process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction while they are away from their home country. We also wish to thank our growing customer base and promise to launch new products/plans to serve them better.

If you are interested in custom-made voice and data packs, you can also send in your query at