Friday, 5 July 2013

Travelling has become an important part of our working profile. The new business partnerships also often demands long distance travelling to foreign locations. In such a competitive business environment, you can't let jet lag slow you down. You should be ready for anything irrespective of the country of your travel.

By carrying your BlackBerry along, you can use multiple applications to manage your work; lessen your fatigue; chat with peer groups; access e-mails and stay ready to accept new business tasks.

However, when you travel abroad, you can't use your local number as it incurs huge international roaming. Hence, you can take Global BlackBerry Solutions wherein local number of destination country would allow you to browse internet and download data, make calls, access e-mails and chat on messenger during your international trip.

The global BlackBerry solutions are categorized into different plans to meet the needs of the customers. The travellers can take global e-mail services to have unlimited access to e-mails, messenger and data browsing & downloading at a cost-effective price. In addition, there are voice plans available that allows you to make and receive calls at a cost-effective price. 
At Clay Telecom, there are customized BlackBerry plans that are designed after detailed research of different travel groups. If you are planning for an overseas trip, you can also discuss your requirements with telecom experts to get a custom-made solution for your travel needs.