Monday, 29 December 2014

While 14th Feb. 2015 has been pinned, and less than 50 days left for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to begin, Clay Telecom plans to make your trip more exciting by offering you varied international mobility solutions for Australia and New Zealand. Now you can save more than 80% on International roaming in both these neighbouring Tasman countries.

There's more to this event than just this high-stake ICC sport - stunning landscapes, artificial marvels and over a million cricket enthusiasts - the combination is a once-in-a-generation event. Don't miss any “Oh Wow” and “Oh Crap” moments of  your favorite game. Get the best seats for you and your loved ones to watch the world champs battle it out for the game's biggest international prize.

No need to worry about the high roaming bills for your talk/text/data usage, because with Clay solutions on your side there won't be any. Enjoy your long, memorable and epic trip.

Voice and Data in a Single Solution
  • Best Solution to Fulfill Voice and Data Requirements
  • Excellent 3G Network Coverage
  • Call Back to India & Other International Destinations at Cost-effective Rates
Data Solution to Stay Connected Online
  • Single Data Solution for Australia and New Zealand
  • Take Dongle or Mi-Fi Device on Rental Basis
  • Enjoy Excellent 3G Network Coverage
  • Compatible with All Devices such as Mi-Fi, Data Dongles and Wi-Fi Router.
SIM card resellers and travel agents will get attractive discounts on bulk purchase.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Goes without saying, Knowledge Knows No Boundaries. But financial constraints sometimes do stop those who aspire to fly beyond the boundaries in search of knowledge. Avanse Financial Services has put a step forward to alleviate financial burden from the parents of those aspiring students. It provides 100% education finance to the students interested in studying abroad. We too are also doing our bit.

Both, we and Avanse, believe in doing our best to enable students to pursue their right to education of their choice and achieve their career goals, whether at home or abroad. We are pleased to announce special offers for students going abroad for studies. Now students opting for Avanse Financial Services can get Clay Prepaid SIM cards free of charge. They can also enjoy 15% discount on the airtime amount. This special offer is valid till 31st March, 2015.

The plan details:

  1. USA Prepaid - Free of Charge SIM cards are issued. Students need to register using their issued Clay SIM ID number on the Clay website. Then they will receive an email in 24hrs with the issued Clay USA number. Later before their travel they can recharge the card online with the various available denominations. Validity varies depending on the recharge selected by the customers hence it is advised to recharge the card 24 to 48hrs before the travel.
  2. UK Prepaid - Free of Charge cards are issued. Students need to register using their Clay Number and recharge the card 48 to 72 hours before their travel, the UK prepaid SIM comes with 180 days validity.
  3. Rest of the Countries - Vouchers are provided. The vouchers will contain Clay call centre number and website address where a student can either call up and avail the offer or drop an enquiry on clay website so that the sales team can get in touch with the Students and support on the offer. They will get 15% Discount on Airtime Amount INR 1500/- or above (Postpaid).
As per the country of travel the plans can be: zero rental plans, minimum commitment plans and other offers as applicable.

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

You might have grown up with Arabian Nights stories. And as an adult traveling to Saudi Arabia might be in your wishlist. Now there's a compelling reason to visit Saudi Arabia - Clay Saudi Arabia Prepaid SIM. Of course, modern Arabia standing tall with concrete marvels is the bet, but introduction of Clay Prepaid SIM in this happening region makes your stay more enjoyable and affordable.

Clay Telecom, one of the leading voice and data solutions providers has recently launched Saudi Arabia Prepaid SIM to offer you the most economical and hassle-free solution for staying in touch with your loved ones while you are traveling through Saudi Arabia. It is convenient for many reasons including the price value. With 'Pay as You Go' prepaid recharge option, now you can can control your expenses. You have to pay only for what you need.

Besides the leisure and business travelers, this new product is going to be very lucrative for millions of Hajj pilgrims. With the cost of SIM just Rs 300, free incoming facilities and and Call Rates to India as low as SAR 0.55, now they can avoid expensive roaming charges yet enjoy economical voice and data across the major destinations in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabia Prepaid SIM comes in all the forms - normal, micro and nano fitting seamlessly to all the mobile devices.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

We love driving the call prices down as much as you love coming first in F1 race. That's why we recently introduced low cost IP calling in Thailand, one of the most frequented destinations of the world. Now, the avid travellers can always stay connected in confidence, while paying only about one third of the charges incurred with directly calling. Direct calls to India from Thailand is charged THB 10 per minute, whereas it's just THB 3 on IP Calling. 

Both new and existing customers can benefit from IP Calling and reduce the calling costs considerably. Though there's a huge difference under the hood between IP Calling and Direct Calling, they are the same for the customers in terms of connectivity and usability. The customers have to use the code 00600  alongwith the contact number to make a call to India through IP. For example, if a subscriber used to dial 91-11-66470000 for making calls to India, now he/she has to dial 00600-91-11-66470000.

Customers can get their recharge vouchers from Clay helpdesk before traveling to Thailand. In case they have a softslip or true money cash card, they have to press*123* followed by 14 digit number + # + call to recharge it. Recharge can also be done by TrueMove GSM  recharge coupons available at True Shop & 7-Eleven stores in Bangkok. Thailand Prepaid SIM comes in all the forms - normal, micro and nano. However, customers have to share their request with Clay representatives to organize the correct SIM size before their travel.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Despite the ravages of the global economic downturn, we are growing year on year. The increase in broadband penetration and growth of mobile devices has intensified the competition. International Mobility services are no exception. We are battling it out in the fairest way possible, like we did in the past. And that time of the year is here again in the form of OOH Autumn Branding Campaign.

In the south zone we're targeting the maximum OOH space in IT Parks of Hyderabad and Chennai; in the east zone, Kolkata; and in the north zone, DLF Square and Cyber City, Gurgaon.

The slogans - “340 of Fortune 500 Companies Don’t Go Abroad without Clay. How About You?” and “You Save on Many Things with the Right Connection Abroad, International Roaming is One of Them” are shining on most of the facades, pillars, scrollers and lift panels.

True, we have been leading the race, especially in the corporate space, as a voice and data solutions provider to International Travellers. We're there in the retail space offering better products than the competition. And we are doing pretty good. But to retain that space and to grow on it we need to shout out loud, because often all it takes to win a customer is awareness. This campaign is doing just that –  differentiating Clay from the competition by making the prospects aware of Clay advantages. So far so good! This Pan India brand recognition and expansion campaign in the major IT hubs has been very successful.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Have you already planned the best deal to offer for FIFA World Cup held in Brazil? If you are not ready with Brazilian SIM cards to offer to your customers, then it's the time to plan for the FIFA World Cup at the earliest and make as much as profit as possible. 

There is no need for a huge budget to procure Brazilian SIM cards in bulk and to resell it to your customers. The good news is that there is no minimum commitment and the customers are free to pay only for what they use with zero set up cost. This gives you a great opportunity to earn profits by keeping margin on the wholesale rates and make out maximum profits from the event.

Best Way to Plan for the Business:

View & compare the rates from different sources before making the final deal
Check out the terms and conditions of the business
List down your expectations and interests
Check the means of transportation and other charges

It is true that proper planning will help you to have a successful business model. However, things can turn upside down if there is a loop hole in your planning. But, when you work with us, there is a minimal risk involved as we can take back the SIM card if you don't get enough demand under certain circumstances. We will be there to support you and your customers. So make sure your cards are with you before your customer asks for it. Get ready to enjoy FIFA World Cup and help your customers stay connected with international travel cards.