Tuesday, 16 September 2014

We love driving the call prices down as much as you love coming first in F1 race. That's why we recently introduced low cost IP calling in Thailand, one of the most frequented destinations of the world. Now, the avid travellers can always stay connected in confidence, while paying only about one third of the charges incurred with directly calling. Direct calls to India from Thailand is charged THB 10 per minute, whereas it's just THB 3 on IP Calling. 

Both new and existing customers can benefit from IP Calling and reduce the calling costs considerably. Though there's a huge difference under the hood between IP Calling and Direct Calling, they are the same for the customers in terms of connectivity and usability. The customers have to use the code 00600  alongwith the contact number to make a call to India through IP. For example, if a subscriber used to dial 91-11-66470000 for making calls to India, now he/she has to dial 00600-91-11-66470000.

Customers can get their recharge vouchers from Clay helpdesk before traveling to Thailand. In case they have a softslip or true money cash card, they have to press*123* followed by 14 digit number + # + call to recharge it. Recharge can also be done by TrueMove GSM  recharge coupons available at True Shop & 7-Eleven stores in Bangkok. Thailand Prepaid SIM comes in all the forms - normal, micro and nano. However, customers have to share their request with Clay representatives to organize the correct SIM size before their travel.