Saturday, 23 May 2015

In this age of ultra mobility people have to embrace mobile data to remain competitive in businesses. The society also has created its parallel on the web - the social media. That means they have to access and share information from anywhere, anytime. This has multiplied the importance of mobile data. We have launched a New Clay commercial keeping in mind the importance of mobile data.

The new commercial talks straight about the business needs such as using office mails, doing search/research on the web, using business apps, video conferencing and real-time information sharing; and about personal needs such as sharing memorable moments with family and friends on social media and making calls back home. The commercial features make-believe characters who talk about what they need while on the move and how they got the obvious price advantage on their needs after upgrading to Clay.

The commercial is catching like wild-fire. Certainly, you won't have to beat around the bush talking about the intangibles. Facts must be told. Our new TVC is reflection of that -- powerful, factual, straight talk -- answering individual overseas traveler's needs. We are already offering lowest possible call rates on our International SIM cards. Now our focus is on Data; our customers can walk the web worldwide with our unlimited data plan for just Rs 199 a day.